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Camel Ergonomic Pillow

Product Dimensions

Inches: 20.86 x 14.56 x 5.9

Centimeters: 53 x 37 x 15

Height Adjustable Memory Foam

Breathable and Moisture Absorbent

Absorbing Impact

Antibacterial & Anti-mites

A slow rebound energy pillow with biocrystals, memory foam, and activated charcoal that is ergonomically designed to protect the cervical vertebrae.

The parts of the human body that have direct contact with the pillow are the cervical vertebrae.

These cervical vertebrae are closely connected to the shoulder, back and waist muscles, ligaments, intervertebral discs, etc., and thus the pillow can have a tremendous impact on human health.

The Sleepm Crystal Energy Pillow corrects the old, traditional faults of those pillows that don’t properly support the head, and helps to maintain the health of the cervical spine.