Biocrystal Mixture

16 Crystal Types plus Gold + Silver

Biocrystal is a unique mixture of 16 key ancient elements which are amplified by gold and silver. Each gram of crystal contains the vibrational energy of mother nature. Crystals balance the bioelectrical field of the body through sleep. 


Known to some as the “stone of protection”, the properties of this crystal is said to aid hormone production, stimulates the endocrine system and metabolism, and calming the mind and spirit as a result. Allow this crystal to help you let go of your anger, fear, rage, and anxiety.


The adventurine crystals are said to provide aid in the absorption of environmental pollutants and electromagnetic smog. It is also known to produce an anti-inflammatory effect and helps the heart. Also affects the lungs, urogenital & muscular systems. May the use of adventurine calm and dissolve your negative thoughts and emotions.



Known to help balance chemical imbalances , stimulates digestion, spleen, and pancreas. Increases blood circulation and improves constipation. May this crystal aid your blood, nerves, digestion system, depression, constipation, and diabetes.


Also known as fluorite, this crystal is known to emit protective properties. For example, one of its property helps block electromagnetic fog. The crystal is known to help bring calmness, relaxation, and feel more balanced emotionally. May the properties of this crystal help you let go of your anxiety and negative emotions. 


Also known as Bloodstone, this crystal is said to aid in blood circulation and flow. The properties of this crystal are said to be purifying and revitalizing. May this crystal aid you in becoming more calm in the mind. 

Dalmatian Jasper

Fun fact: the black spots on the Dalmatian Jasper are black tourmaline deposits. This crystal is said to help improve our body’s ability to cleanse itself. It’s benefit directly influences our immune systems. The harmonizing energy of this crystal can aid with balancing our emotions. May this crystal bring you more balance in your life.

Jasper Leopard

The vibrational frequency of this crystal is said to help aid in providing a sense of stability in your environment. May the properties of this crystal help bring more discipline and encourage more truth, honesty, and kindness.

Jasper Natural

The Jasper Natural crystal is said to counteract our stress through balancing energies. Tranquility, peace, and balance are important proponents of sleep wellness. Along with the many other crystals, this one also helps with the electromagnetic pollutions in the environment. May you experience more peace by using this crystal. 

Orange Calcite

The orange calcite crystal is known to be energizing and cleansing that fuels our creativity. At the same time, it helps clear some of the negative and harmful vibrations in our environment. May this crystal help balance your emotions and let go of fear and anxiety. 

Rose Quartz

One of the more property crystals on the market, this crystal is known for creating trust, harmony, love, openness, and healing. The energetic properties of Rose Quartz may aid the heart and circulatory system with strength and flow. May this crystal bring more positive vibes into your life through forgiveness and acceptance.


The Selenite crystal is all about purifying, clearing, and creating space for positive energy. When it comes to sleep, it is important to have a clean and proper environment. May the use of this crystal aid in purifying the energy of your environment. 

Serpentine Jade

Known as the “snake jade”, this crystal symbolizes health and rejuvenation. As its reputation suggests, the properties of the serpentine jade help our cells rejuvenate and replenish its energy. It is said that the jade may assist in our attempts to remove negative thinking patterns. May the properties of this crystal assist in rejuvenation of mind, body, and spirit. 


The sodalite crystal represents truth in communication. Known to aid with our metabolism and immune system, the stone also helps combat radiation by blocking electromagnetic smog. May this crystal aid those with sleep disorders and help you express truth. 


Has the properties to help clear your environment. Brings forth creativity and inspiration. Brings into the space more stability and harmony. 


An exceptional stone that helps the user ground themselves. Supplying the purest vibrations from Earth’s extracts. 

Red Jasper

This crystal has the properties to support you when stressed. Provides energy to promote tranquility and balance aggression.